About Us

The Boston Fire Department is the oldest fire department in our country’s history. Founded in 1678, Boston was the first town in the thirteen colonies to establish a paid workforce, Fire Wards held the responsibility of the oversight to their respective sections of the city. Well over three centuries later, the Boston Fire Department stands strong with members that have served their city and fellow citizens with distinction and often at great personal sacrifice.

Following the Great Fire of 1872, the Boston Firefighters’ Relief Fund was established by the citizens of Boston to assist firefighters and their families in times of personal need. And now, for nearly 150 years, the Boston Firefighters’ Relief Fund has continued their support of the Department’s active and retired members.

The Boston Firefighters’ Relief Fund hosts the Annual Ball and Awards Ceremony every year during late spring. The Annual Ball celebrates the hard work, dedication, and commitment of each member of the fire department as well as the recognition of the selfless acts of heroism, times at great personal expense, by members of the Boston Fire Department. Additionally, the Relief Fund takes part in other activities throughout the year that enhance and support the mission of the Boston Fire Department.