Our Initiatives

Given Directly to Boston Firefighters as Part of the Body Scan Initiative
In Scholarships Donated Annually Through the Relief Fund to Children of Boston Firefighters
Donated To The Annual Ball and Awards Ceremony of the Boston Fire Department
Total Donations to Active & Retired Members of the Boston Fire Department


Over the past decade, heart disease and cancer have accounted for the majority of on-duty firefighter deaths. In Boston specifically, between 2012 and 2017, 27 Boston Firefighters under the age of 70 died from cancer.  During that same time, 12 firefighters died of cancer within 5 years of retirement and 6 active firefighters died from cancer. These statistics are alarming and require action.

Cancer awareness and prevention has become a major focus for fire departments nationwide. Statistics show that firefighters are more than twice as likely to develop cancer during their lifetime compared to civilians and in Boston specifically, 67% of firefighters will face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. Even after additional precautionary measures have been implemented across the Department, the number of cancer diagnosis and death continue to rise at an alarming rate. There is hope however. The Boston Fire Department Relief Fund is excited to be partnering with Safety, Health and Wellness along with the Last Call Foundation to bring Relief to members of the BFD.



Each year the Boston Fire Department Relief Fund provides 9 scholarships to aspiring students of Boston Firefighters looking to further their education.

2020 Scholarship Winners:

    • Vendome Firefighters Memorial Scholarship
      • Catherine Gormley
      • Kayliz Ortega
    • Local 718 Memorial Race Scholarships
      • Roman Blake
      • Nicole Ojugbana
      • Olivia Burke
    • Dennis Flynn Memorial Scholarships
      • Bria Hanley
      • Joseph Connolly
    • Boston Ambulance Squad Scholarship
      • Michael McLaughlin
    • Victoria McGrath Scholarship
      • Kya Freeman


Each year in early May, the Relief Fund hosts the Annual Ball and Award’s Ceremony. This event provides us the opportunity to honor the bravery and dedication of the Men and Women of the Boston Fire Department and award them for their heroic efforts throughout the year.

Since 2017, the Relief Fund has donated $301,764.62 to fund the Annual Ball.